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What is "break away"?
In fact, the understanding of Duan she Li is very simple, "Duan": cutting off the things that you want to buy home but don't need in fact, "she": giving up the rampant junk in your home, "Li": breaking away from the delusion of goods.
The essence of separation lies in subtracting from one's own life, so as to create a more relaxed and comfortable life for oneself.
一年的時間眨眼間就過去一半了因此 你好好好珍惜時間,不要讓時間從我們的手指縫中溜走,因此 ,你是否得給出一些突破?關于這一點,首要就得從你的家開始入手,那樣問題來了,你的家是否是被雜物所填滿?
Half of a year has passed in the blink of an eye, so you should cherish time and don't let time slip through our fingers. Therefore, do you have to give some breakthroughs? On this point, the first thing to start from your home, then the question comes, is your home filled with debris?
If you live in a chaotic environment every day, do you feel bad? According to the relevant research shows: if a person lives in a chaotic environment for a long time, his character will be influenced by the influence of his ears and eyes, and his character will become more and more irritable.
So, do you want to make a change? So start by tidying up your own home!
Here for you to sort out a list of broken away: at home these things should be thrown, not only useless, but also occupy space, don't hesitate!
1、 Shoe cabinet
1. Seriously worn shoes; 2. High heeled shoes with glue on; 3. Useless shoe box; 4. Useless or dried shoe polish; 5. Broken disposable shoe cover;
2、 Living room
1. Magazines and weekly magazines that have not been read for a long time; 2. Expired drugs; 3. Disposable tableware for delivery; 4. All kinds of purchase invoices or vouchers; 5. Batteries without electricity;
3、 Room layout
1. Dusty stalls; 2. Optional small pendant; 3. Dead green plants; 4. Star posters on the wall; 5. Broken trinkets;
4、 Kitchen
1. Expired food; 2. Notched dishes; 3. Expired or unusable seasoning; 4. Seasoning cans full of oil stains; 5. Table cloth stained with rice stains;
5、 Bedroom wardrobe
Clothes you will never wear again; 2. Hooked or ruptured sweater; 3. Faded clothes; 4. Deformed hanger;
6、 Master bedroom and guest bedroom
1. Old sheets and bedding; 2. There have been washed plush toys for a long time; 3. Deformed pajamas; 4. Unused pillow; 5. Broken desk lamp;
7、 Dressing table
1. Expired or unused cosmetics; 2. Expired or unused skin care products; 3. perfume expired or unnecessary. 4. Make up tools that can't be used anymore;
Breaking away is a change of life style, which is from the inside out. It is not simply to spend a day sorting out the sundries, but to give up those bad ways that drag down their own pace of life and affect their health.