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When moving to a new home, you are worried about the transportation of FRP products. FRP products belong to fragile items and will be crushed if you are not careful. Let's follow the online customer service of Shanghai Jingdian moving company to learn about the common problems of transporting FRP products.
搬新家普遍的家具玻璃關鍵有玻璃茶幾、灑柜試衣鏡、化妝臺這些,因此 在搬新家時這種家俱要分外的當心,不能疏忽。
The key to the common furniture glass in moving a new home include glass tea table, sprinkling cabinet, fitting mirror and dressing table. Therefore, when moving a new home, this kind of furniture should be extra careful and should not be neglected.
此外在運送時在,一定要先卸除夾層玻璃,開展包裝后貼好顯眼標示,獨立運送,防止風險。碰到不拆式的夾層玻璃時,在夾層玻璃擋板正中間墊好填充料,避免 在運送因其晃動導致毀壞。
In addition, during transportation, the laminated glass must be removed first, and the conspicuous marks shall be pasted after packaging to prevent risks. When touching the non detachable laminated glass, fill the middle of the laminated glass baffle to avoid damage due to its shaking during transportation.
次之運送全過程中盡可能應用包裝制品或是絨毯開展包裝,隨后再應用繩索將其家具玻璃開展固定不動,避免 搖晃進而導致家俱的毀壞。
Secondly, in the whole process of transportation, packaging products or wool blankets shall be used as far as possible, and then the furniture glass shall be fixed with ropes to avoid shaking and damage to the furniture.
After that, it was suggested that everyone must be extra careful when transporting laminated glass and other objects, and take protective measures. In addition, they must pay attention to life safety. When encountering furniture glass, they should be wrapped, protected and marked with raw materials.
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