2021-07-13 14:23:30 來源:http://brlmd.com.cn
With the alternation of seasons, the rainy season is coming soon. It's a headache to move. Many people will have such questions. Does moving in rainy days have any impact? As long as you are prepared, it has no effect at all. What kind of work should we prepare for? The following is the moving company's experience in the rainy season for your reference:
1、 Inform the neighbors or the Property Department of the scheduled moving time in advance, reserve the parking space of the new and old sites, so as to avoid the vehicles can not park nearby, remove the obstacles in the corridor in advance, open the gate of the community in time, and use the public facilities such as elevators normally.
2、 In rainy and snowy seasons or windy days, please make an appointment for a closed van to avoid getting wet, blowing and soiling.
3、 Understand the vehicle size and loading capacity of the moving company, use the car in a planned way to avoid waste.