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The house is not easy to decorate, and after more than half a year's experience, we can finally move. But don't be happy too early. If you don't make a good feng shui layout before and after the relocation, you may bring bad luck to the new house and affect the future life. Move well these four steps, live in a new home to be comfortable!
1. Water has always been regarded as the source of wealth in Feng Shui. Before moving, you need to find a bottle to bring some water from the old house to your new home, which indicates that the source of wealth will not be cut off. Don't fill too much water or too much water. It's only about one third of the bottle, so as to make room for new sources of money. In addition, for those who move from other places, they can take some of the mud from the old house to their new home, which can not only solve the problem of acclimatization, but also make sure that they are excited about just entering the new house, so as to make their families feel more secure.
2. Just choose a day to move. The so-called auspicious day is not the 8th or 18th as we usually think. It needs to correspond to the five elements of the host's house. Among them, the water day is very suitable for moving, which can be known by inquiring about the Yellow calendar. Move that day early action, don't wait until the evening to enter the house, so as to bring the day's yang to the house.
3、進新家不祭拜,中國人自古就有拜天拜地的風俗,這是感謝上天和大地的保 佑。除了天地神,還需要祭拜灶 神,希望家里灶頭一直熱著,日子紅紅火火。
3. Since ancient times, Chinese people have the custom of worshiping heaven and earth. This is to thank heaven and earth for their blessing. In addition to the God of heaven and earth, we also need to worship the God of kitchen, hoping that the stove in our house will be hot all the time and the days will be prosperous.
4、忽視頭一餐和一夜,搬新家的頭一餐很是重要,現在許多人都在酒店辦喬遷宴,這個是可以的,但是親近的家人和朋友建議帶到新家吃頭一餐,都是真心待你的人,會真 正帶動你家的人氣,讓“入伙”儀式更加完滿。睡在新家的頭一晚建議準備好了再上床。
4. Ignoring the first meal and night, the first meal of moving to a new home is very important. Now many people hold housewarming banquets in hotels. This is OK, but close family and friends suggest that you take them to a new home for the first meal. They are all sincere people who will really boost the popularity of your family and make the "joining" ceremony more complete. The first night in your new home suggests you go to bed when you're ready.
Move well these four steps, live in a new home to be comfortable! After watching these four movies, it's time to find a regular moving company to complete one of the steps of moving into a new home. When we are looking for a moving company, we must find a regular moving company, so as to ensure that we can move into a new home smoothly.
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