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Many people may need to move in order to work and change their houses. In addition to sorting out their belongings before moving, there are also some things to pay attention to before moving, especially the rental or sold houses. Before moving, they need to pay attention to water, electricity and gas. Therefore, how to deal with water, electricity and gas before moving? Do you need to transfer ownership?
If you're just a tenant, it's easier before you move. As long as you pay for water, electricity and gas before you move. Don't worry about how to settle the water and electricity bill, you can go to the relevant place to print the list. Another method is to calculate the power consumption and electricity charges according to the deadline of the month (that is, the day of moving), and then transfer the electricity or water charges used by these angels to the next rental user. If you are a new home, then the cost of water, electricity and gas can not be transferred, because water, electricity and gas only recognize the owner, so when you arrive at a new home, you only need to apply again. For this kind of floating population, just stop using household appliances. How to stop water and electricity supply, please choose the local power supply bureau. Then remember to turn off the main power and water meter at home, because no one lives for a long time. If you don't turn off the main power or water meter, there will always be some accidents at home, such as water leakage or electric leakage.
Hydropower installation has always been an important part of home decoration, because hydropower installation is directly related to the safety risks existing in the living environment. Electrical and drainage design and other related construction drawings shall be provided before circuit installation. For lines with different voltages and circuits, it is strictly forbidden to install them in the same conduit. In particular, it is important to pay attention not to walk the wires directly on the wall or floor without any protective rubber, so it is easy to get electric shock in the later stage, which will bring great security risks to the future life. Attention should be paid to the installation of waterways. The hot water tap should be installed on the left side. When using the electric water heater, clear the air in the tank. In addition, the installation of waterways needs to be accurate and firm, and the installation position of toilet appliances also needs to be accurate.
Therefore, whether we rent a house or move a new house, we need to handle the water, electricity and gas matters before moving, so as not to affect the quality of life and cumbersome after moving.
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