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1. List of materials
Before moving to the company, the person in charge shall make a list of articles and materials to be transported, which can be packed and loaded. Note which tables, chairs and cabinets can be disassembled and which large articles and fragile articles need special attention. The list is well listed, so that you can get a more detailed and accurate quotation when consulting and moving.
2. Consulting and choosing a moving company
According to the list of materials in the front row, telephone the moving company about the cost. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the move, it is recommended to choose a reliable Chengdu moving company to do the company relocation. It is recommended to invite the business manager or moving consultant of the moving company to visit the site before making an appointment, give a detailed quotation and formulate a professional moving plan.
3. After the moving company is selected, the files, materials and documents that can be packed will be packed in boxes or other holding boxes, and the valuable and small items will be carried by themselves.
4. Statistics: the person in charge of moving needs to make statistics on the moving items, such as computers, office furniture, office cabinet equipment, as well as the number of people in the office and the number of items in the data cabinet.
5. Accounting: calculate the specific volume of items. Normally, 2-3 boxes per employee are enough. After the statistics of these information, the volume of the goods handled this time can be basically calculated, and the budget can be applied for with the company.
6. Handling: after the above steps are completed, it will be a real battlefield. Professional moving companies will move kitchenware before moving. Generally, the operation will be relatively smooth according to their plan. However, I'm still wordy here. After getting wet, I must stick a label on each box, such as the floor, department and the name of the owner of the box. In addition, I need to mark the information corresponding to the box on the station in the new office, so that I can quickly find the owner of the box.
7. Inspection: after the goods are transported, it is important to check whether the goods are lost or damaged on the same day. If necessary, contact the moving company in time to deal with the claim settlement.