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First, let's say, "save money." it's really saving money.
One of the hardest things the movers do is to clean up the house for you, and they don't charge you any money. But the freight platform moving master is not the same, you give money people do not want to clean up
When the movers come in and see that you are writing miscellaneous, how do you choose?
Xiaobian himself has experienced it. Just like the above picture, our moving master came to the door with more than 20 suitcases. After the customer opened the door, we were suddenly gloomy. It's a bit of trouble. There are several uncertain factors“
1、 How many cartons are needed for knitted articles of clothing.
2、 Would you like to put his suit with his ordinary clothes
3、 Do you want dirty underwear and clean underwear together
God, we're here to move. "It's like cleaning up a child's house.
So the question is, why does it save a lot of money to move after leaving?
On the one hand, the quantity of your furniture is small, and the packing cost is small
On the other hand, you make the movers spend less time. After all, the movers charge by the hour. You save 2 hours for the movers, and you save more than 100 yuan. It's very good
Breaking away from the type of moving not only save money, but also improve their self-cultivation and charm
A person who takes good care of his home is simple and elegant. His mentality can stand side by side with his personality charm. Friends and relatives will feel that you have a lot of temperament when they see your home. Seeing the above, you will find that the one who saves money is to give up, and the one who worries about furniture storage.
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