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下雨天搬家有哪些寓意講究呢?如今有的人會選擇吉日良辰搬家,有的人由于租金期滿等實際緣故強迫搬家,那么你提前準備好搬家了沒有?如果搬家當天因為天氣原因遭遇雷雨天怎么辦呢?這樣就變成一個令人頭疼的事,下雨天搬還是不搬呢?從風水角度來看下雨天搬家的真 正寓意有哪些?
What is the moral of moving on rainy days? Nowadays, some people will choose to move on a good day, while others will be forced to move due to the actual reasons such as the expiration of rent. Are you ready to move in advance? What if there is a thunderstorm on the day of moving because of the weather? This has become a headache. Do you want to move or not move in rainy days? From the perspective of Feng Shui, what is the real meaning of moving on rainy days?
If the good day for moving is the chosen day, it needs to be done no matter what the weather is, but from a practical perspective, moving on rainy days will cause a variety of troubles, so it is not very good. In rainy days, the leakage of the moving carriage may cause damage, and it is very easy to dirty the furniture. Therefore, the moving company generally suggests that it is better for customers to move on sunny days.
From the perspective of geomantic omen, there is a saying in geomantic omen that "if you meet with water, you will get rich, and if you get water, you will get rich". Therefore, many people think that when you move, when it's rainy, there will be "water" to control wealth, which means that the owner's family will have more money. It's good luck. Moving in rainy days, if you choose a good zodiac, then no matter the temperature is good or bad, it will never change. If it wasn't for moving to a new house, there was no need to pay attention to the time, so whether it was rainy or sunny, they didn't care.